Meet the Artist of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2023: Felix Semper

  • Posted by: Rupashree Ravi

The recent Abu Dhabi International Book Fair showcased a remarkable display of talent in its Arts Exhibition corner. Artists from around the world gathered to exhibit their work, and among them was the extraordinary creator Felix Semper, whose artistic experiments captivated the audience. It comes as no surprise that his realistic sculptures quickly became viral sensations. While initially appearing static and ordinary, it is the intricate detailing in Felix's works that grabs one's attention.

According to Felix, "You are born an artist; you don't just become one." His statement resonates with his unique approach to sculpture, as he has redefined the mundane nature of this art form into an instantly mind-blowing experience. Using only paper as his medium, Felix's sculptures are mesmerizing and push the boundaries of imagination. Through a year-long process of trial and error, he embarked on creating paper sculptures that deviate from existing art forms. His sculptures consist of thousands of sheets of paper meticulously glued together and intricately carved. As a self-taught artist, Felix breathes life into his creations by skillfully painting them.

To delve deeper into Felix Semper's creative journey, watch the full interview below.