The Ultimate Guide to Navigator Clocks

  • Posted by: Rupashree Ravi

Discover the exquisite Navigator Clocks, a remarkable collection of handcrafted timepieces made from precious metals by Historic Times. These exceptional clocks are based on the world's first marine chronometer, which allowed sea travelers to accurately calculate longitude and navigate their journeys with precision. 

The rhythmic motion of the pendulum brings to life the renowned Grasshopper escapement invention. These Navigator Clocks boast intricate mechanical, hand-wound movements that are exquisitely finished, available in both gold- and silver-plated options. The clock dials themselves are meticulously handmade and plated with 18-carat gold for a touch of luxury.

Adding to their allure, these timepieces showcase exclusive artwork by the talented fine artist, David Galbraith, and captivating photographs by the renowned explorer, Sir Wilfred Thesiger. Each of the four panels is meticulously hand lacquered and polished, resulting in a supreme gloss finish that elevates their aesthetic appeal.

For those captivated by these unique timepieces, you can experience and purchase them exclusively at Rivoli Group's prestigious showrooms. Visit the DIFC showroom in Dubai or the Marina Mall showroom in Abu Dhabi to witness the allure of Navigator Clocks firsthand.

Additionally, to assist you in making the most of your Navigator Clock, Robbie Isaac, a skilled horologist and watchmaker from Historic Times, has created a series of informative video manuals. These videos demonstrate the step-by-step process of unpacking, packing, and maintaining your Comitti Navigator Clock, ensuring it stands the test of time. Don't miss the opportunity to learn more and fully appreciate the craftsmanship of these extraordinary timepieces.

Embark on a journey of timeless elegance with the Navigator Clocks by Historic Times.