Tres Ases Artist (Almudena Angoso), was born in Valencia, Spain, on 5th of April in 1989. Painting has been part of Almuden's life since childhood as her grandmother shared her love for painting and art when she was a little girl. 

She moved to Barcelona to study Art at the Barcelona University, but left her studies to be an autodidact in painting and find her own as an artist. After four years she moved to Singapore and started to develop her artistic career through portraiture, working for the next few years.

Africa was always an inspiration for the artist. Having travelled there several times, working and living with natives, it inspired her travels to India and other places around Asia. Through all of these experiences, Almudena found herself and her paintings to express the inner workings of the soul and universal human experience, believing fully well that we are are one living in many different lives in different cultures.

Almudena works with oil painting and mixed media, looking to arrive at limits of  expression through realism using the language of colours and textures. She established her art studio in Menorca Island (Spain) for five years, where she was working on her artworks, participating in international art exhibitions and traveling to gain new inspiration, aiming to capture the soul of the world in her paintings. 

She moved to Dubai in 2019, where she is currently living and working on new artpieces at her art studio.