Liz, is a Peruvian Graphic Designer and Visual Media Artist. She holds a MA in Design Management and Cultures from London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, and a BA in Graphic Design from Pontifical Catholic University in Perú. For the past ten years, Liz has been working for the media communication and design industries in the UAE. Her work has been published in magazines such as What's On,  Emirates Open Skies, Time Out, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, MeetMe, Concierge, Alef Magazine,, and Brownbook; and also worked on artistic projects with brands like Molton Brown UK, Gibson Guitars, Virgin, and Philadelphia Arabia.
With a strong background in fine arts, Liz kept developing her art while working for the media industry, which led her to her first solo exhibition in 2015 at FN Design Gallery in Alserkal Avenue, Dubai. Her artistic work is a continuous exploration of the complexity of the human self, emotions, and our connection with everyday realities. Taking women as the main subject, Liz develops figurative feminine representations combined with refined, intricate line compositions and vivid blocks of colors; impregnated with some tints of surrealism. 
These depictions evoke diverse emotional states as a response to the external stimulus generated by the surroundings. Her works show strength and at the same time vulnerability, a sense of serenity accompanied by a defiant glare, striving to connect the spectator with their own thoughts and experiences.
Liz executes detailed portraits in imaginary scenarios, by combining watercolors, acrylics, charcoal, graphite, and lately, using a ballpoint pen as an art-making tool. The translucent quality of the ink pen allows her to work on multiple layering to create rich variations of tones from light to dark. 
Her artworks have been exhibited in different art shows in the UAE, United States, Perú, and the UK.