Maha AboelFadl

Maha AboelFadl

Maha, an Egyptian visual artist who lives in the UAE She graduated from Fine Arts Cairo university with a bachelor’s degree in interior design. She has over 15 years’ experience in interior design while painting part time.
Over the years she witnesses how art became an essential part of our everyday experience, and how an artwork can add value to the space and fill the gaps for a better and more desirable future.
Maha is a professional abstract artist who works with pouring art technique and color combinations considering each piece as an individual and unique experience that transports you to a new adventure.
Her primary medium is acrylic paints, although she often indulges in sketching using various art mediums such as alcohol ink which requires a lot of practice to handle, Maha used Alcohol ink to produce a unique collection.
Maha has been part of varies of art exhibition in the UAE, Egypt. 
“My artwork is meant to inspire and to increase the awareness of the value art add to our environment, culture and our lives".