Joelle Mouawad, is a Lebanese Photographer. She started off by getting her Masters degree in Graphic Design at Holy Spirit University of Kaslik – USEK. At 37 years old, she is a mom of two with a supportive husband who as always encouraged her art. 

After spending many hours of her childhood making drawings, photography was a natural progression. Everyone starts somewhere; even the most famous of photographers began as a hobbyist, she says.

Joelle made the transition from hobbyist to professional in a matter of months and turned her photography hobby into a career.  She dreams of an African Safari, so that she could have a special approach to viewing wildlife and adventure. This inspires her photography.

Joelle says: “Photography is a passion I fail to put into words. My heart and soul are poured into my work, and I believe it shows.

I take my camera everywhere; you never see me without it. You never know what you will run into, and the opportunity to get great photos is always there.  

I don’t take photos I create images. I am proud of my work and what I do”