Yousif Al-Harmoodi, studied Mass Media at Sharjah University and currently works as the head of the Photography department at the “Emarat Al Youm" newspaper. In addition to that, he is an arbitrator at Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid for Visual Photography Awards. As he also offers advanced courses in photography. He likes the depiction of nature and people. His style tends towards the simplicity of the idea of the photograph. As he chooses new angles that include the actual dimensions of the scene, and highlights its strength. He has had more than 25 art exhibitions in this country and abroad. His exhibitions include:
  • Tawaf Exhibition (June 23rd, A.D. 2011)
  • Sikka Art Fair (23rd April, A.D. 2012)
  • Tawaf Exhibition (second edition) April 9th A.D. 2012
  • Private Exhibition of the French Embassy in Abu Dhabi, which was attended by His Excellency, former French Minister of Culture, Frederic Mitterrand (February 12th, A.D. 2012)
  • Exhibition of Storytellers in Abu Dhabi (June 6th A.D. 2012)
  • Lecturer for many nature photography and photojournalism workshops
  • Associate with Akaas Visual Arts
  • I am an Emirati Exhibition 10th JUN 2019.
  • Lecturer in the HIPA (Desert Image - Methods and Technologies. (29 June 2019)
  • Lecturer with Nikon Middle East in several workshops