Wealth - Chakra Healing Series
Wealth - Chakra Healing Series
The colors and texture shown on the above illustration may slightly differ compared to the final art.

Wealth - Chakra Healing Series

  • ORIGINAL SIZE:100 x 100 x 4 cm
  • MEDIUM:Mixed media, texture, metal on canvas
  • PICTURE TYPE:Painting
In this artwor, the power of the root chakra merges with the symbolism of elephants, nutmeg trees and burdock. The intense red dominates the mandala and its color transports us into a world of profound healing. The elephants stand for steadfastness and grounding, while the nutmeg tree and burdock root symbolize spiritual cleansing and physical well-being. A harmonious fusion of color and symbolism that takes us on a journey to inner balance.
Texture painting
Flat box
TOTAL AED 20,000.00