A Celebration of Colour: Witnessing Sharjah Light Festival

  • Posted by: Rupashree Ravi

Every year, the vibrant city of Sharjah comes alive with a spectacular display of lights, colours and creativity during the Sharjah Light Festival. Returning for the 13th year, the Sharjah Light Festival illuminates 17 cultural and tourist sites and landmarks in the city in a snap-worthy mesmerising art display created by globally renowned artists.

Over the course of 12 days, several landmarks around the emirate will light up, including University City Hall, Al Noor Mosque, Khalid Lagoon Corniche, Sharjah Mosque, Al Majaz Waterfront and Sharjah Fort. Each of these landmarks will have daily light shows from Sunday to Wednesday, 6pm to 11pm, and from Thursday to Saturday, 6pm to midnight. These landmarks are already quite stunning in their own way, but they will be further enhanced at the festival using an interplay of lights, music and a dynamic narrative articulating the emirate’s past, present and future aspirations.

Each year, the Sharjah Light Festival attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to the emirate, enabling them to be enthralled by music, light and the creative skills of globally renowned artists. Last year’s edition attracted nearly 1.3 million visitors, including 189,000 visitors to the Light Village. Artistic and colourful light shows will adorn historical monuments and deliver narratives about the emirate’s authentic legacy and rich heritage.

Watch the dazzling celebration of science, creativity and heritage running from Wednesday, February 7 to 18, 2024.

Feature Image: Jorge Ferrari