Our Favourite Images of rain in the UAE

  • Posted by: Rupashree Ravi

Rain is rare in Dubai among the arid landscapes and tall skyscrapers. But when it pours it can really encapsulate that winter is in full swing in the UAE. In a region where rain is a precious commodity, its arrival each time is always met with joy and celebration.

Residents of the country were met with delight as they woke up to showers and cloudy skies across different emirates. Light to moderate rainfall was recorded in parts of Abu Dhabi over the weekend, while residents in other parts of the country, including Dubai, saw overcast skies and stunning lightnings.

The rain transformed the landscape into a temporary oasis. People stepped out of their homes to experience the refereshing raindrops that provided a break from the relentless temperatures. And so, they took to the streets to capture the fleeting phenomenon. From sceneries of heavy showers to reflections shimmering on the city streets, every moment was a snapshot of beauty and serenity. 

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, the rain also brought a sense of unity and camaraderie. People came together to share in the experience, bonding over a shared appreciation for nature's wonders. Here's a reminer of memories captured in photographs and the simple pleasure of rain in the desert. 

Rainbow over Sharjah Mosque by Jorge Ferrari

Under the Storm by Yousif Alharmoodi

Thunderstorm in Dubai by Yousif Alharmoodi

Feature Image: Eduard Yaco