Meet the Artists of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2023: Assran Abdelfattah

  • Posted by: Rupashree Ravi

Assran Abdelfattah is an established artist from Egypt, whose artistic creations draw influences from people and the natural world. He is an avid scholar who loves to represent his country and the United Arab Emirates with his vibrant blend of culture and modernity. 

Using contemporary techniques in the spirit of the time and place, Assran depicts the emotional and expressive moods of what it means to be a human being. His works never fail to evoke a sense of pride in staying true to your roots and celebrate the rich heritage of the region.  

The artist has a master's degree in fine arts and has worked in several accredited arts centers across the world. He has participated in avariety of exhibitions, workshops, and local and international festivals such as Al Owais Cultural Foundation Dialogue Exhibition in Dubai and Steps Exhibition in London, to name a few. Assran has also won numerous recognitions and awards for contributing to the art diaspora of Egypt at international platforms. 

Watch the full interview below to know about his creative journey.