The Arabian Gallery proudly announces collaboration with Akaas Visual Arts

  • Posted by: Rupashree Ravi

The Arabian Gallery on Thursday, June 22, hosted an extraordinary art majlis event at House 17 in Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, Dubai. The occasion celebrated the rich world of art and culture, combining creativity and history in a highly anticipated gathering. The event was a collaboration between the Arabian Gallery and Akaas Visual Arts, the leading art consulting facility in the region renowned for its unique artwork designs, creations, and installations. Esteemed artists and dignitaries from across the region came together for an engaging evening of thought-provoking conversations about the captivating realm of art.

This collaboration reflects a shared passion for promoting the UAE's distinctive culture and arts, as well as an initiative to empower talented individuals with innovative skills. Through their partnership with Akaas Visual Arts, the Arabian Gallery aims to host a series of activations featuring various artists and specialists, enriching knowledge of different aesthetics and techniques within the art industry. Leveraging the Arabian Gallery's extensive e-commerce reach and the meticulously designed space provided by Akaas Visual Arts, they strive to create numerous opportunities for the public to explore the vast horizons of the art world.

The event showcased a carefully selected collection of artworks by Dr. Jassim Al-Awadhi, the founder of Akaas Visual Arts and a pioneering artist in the region. His breathtaking paintings, photographs capturing the essence of the UAE, and sculptures made from natural and recycled materials resonated with viewers in unique ways. Dr. Jassim's remarkable works, which revolve around the human soul and its quest for a distinct identity, received widespread acclaim.

Dr. Jassim Al-Awadhi with modern artist and Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts London, Patricia Millns.

Prominent dignitaries, including Khalil Abdul Wahid, Emirati artist and Director of Fine Arts at Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, and Patricia Millns, a modern artist and Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts London, graced the event with their presence. They engaged in discussions about the ever-evolving nature of the art world and shared insights on their contributions toward promoting emerging trends. Additionally, versatile artist and calligrapher Fatima, as well as artist Exauce Lukoki, were also in attendance, enriching the event with their presence.

Esteemed dignitaries, including Khalil Abdul Wahid and Patricia Millns were present at the event.

The Arabian Gallery's own artists, namely Faisal Alrais, Rohit Rattan, Mahsa Namvar, Liz Ramos-Prado, and Sonu Sultania, actively participated in the event, engaging in meaningful appreciation of diverse artistic expressions.

Furthermore, the event presented the esteemed artist, sculptor, and Director of Historic Times, David Galbraith, who exhibited his exquisite photographic prints and paintings. Of particular interest to attendees was his stunning handmade and mechanical Cheltenham clock, which sparked curiosity and prompted discussions about the art of horology. David passionately shared his artistic journey with the visitors, leaving a lasting impression.

Artist, sculptor, and Director of Historic Times, David Galbraith.

David Galbraith with artist Rohit Rattan.

With artist Mahsa Namvar.

Towards the conclusion of the event, Dr. Jassim and Girish Chouhan, Chief Information Officer at Motivate Media Group, formally announced the collaboration between Akaas Visual Arts and the Arabian Gallery. This collaboration aims to foster the growth of contemporary art and design practices in the region.

The Arabian Gallery is confident that this partnership will create new opportunities for art enthusiasts across the UAE, encouraging them to explore their creative potential and facilitating dialogue among practitioners and the wider community. As we join forces to build a vibrant and dynamic art community, art enthusiasts can anticipate exciting workshops, talks, and exhibitions.