The Arabian Gallery x Akaas Visual Arts (Official Collaboration Video)

  • Posted by: Rupashree Ravi

The Arabian Gallery’s latest collaboration with Akaas Visual Arts has undoubtedly created a delightful buzz around the local art community. Celebrating the coming together of the region’s leading art galleries, this collaboration aims to provide a vibrant platform for promising talents across the region and foster the growth of contemporary art and design practices.

This partnership will create new opportunities for art enthusiasts across the UAE, encouraging them to explore their creative potential and facilitating dialogue among practitioners and the wider community. As we join forces to build a vibrant and dynamic art community, art enthusiasts can anticipate exciting workshops, talks, and exhibitions. 

Dr. Jassim Al Awadhi, Founder of Akaas Visual Arts, Girish Chouhan, Chief Information Offer at Motivate Media Group, and David Galbraith, Director of Historic Times formally announced the collaboration in the presence of esteemed artists and dignitaries. They aim to organise at least one exhibition every month, where artists can display their works and engage in meaningful discussions with viewers. 

Watch the full video below to know more.