The Aesthetic Calibre of Contemporary Impressionist Art

  • Posted by: Rupashree Ravi

Contemporary impressionist art continues to showcase the aesthetic calibre that originated with the impressionist movement. This genre's techniques and impasto compositions have had a significant influence on artists worldwide, breaking from established styles and traditional painting rules.
The impressionists, named for their ability to evoke a sense of vitality and life in their paintings, captured the ephemeral and fleeting nature of moments in time. They painted en plein air, breaking from the convention of painting in studios to study light and its effects on landscapes, buildings, and modern city scenes. This avant-garde approach also embraced everyday subjects, such as portraits of friends and family and still life depictions.
In impressionist art, colour and light play a profound role, with loose brushwork delivering an effect of spontaneity and effortlessness while masking carefully constructed compositions. Shadows and highlights are rendered in colour rather than neutral tones, with shadows boldly painted in the blue of the reflected sky. Claude Monet, a French painter and a prominent figure in the impressionist movement, avoided using black in his entire painting career, instead opting to work with a limited palette of pure light colours. Overall, contemporary impressionist art showcases a dynamic and innovative approach to painting that continues to captivate art lovers and top museums worldwide.

Faisal Abdulqader’s depiction of the UAE scenery.

The realm of pictorial art saw the emergence of impressionism, which aimed to capture the beauty of landscapes and modern life scenes. In recent times, contemporary artists have reinvigorated impressionist techniques that share similar aesthetic qualities with those of the French Impressionists.
Modern impressionists depict urban landscapes as well as natural scenes in their present-day content. Their unique approach includes the use of immediacy and motion, candid poses, and rich displays of light and value to convey their artistic vision.

A stunning art piece by Nadia Yoshioka.
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Feature Image: Faisal Abdulqader