Transforming the Physical Realm through Abstract Conception

  • Posted by: Rupashree Ravi

The world of art is home to Abstract art, which showcases unconventional and perplexing shapes. Its visual lexicon of forms, colors, and expressive marks challenges any definitive description or aesthetic classification. Abstract art has been in existence for over a century, with some even attributing its origins to prehistoric cave paintings, and it has persevered through numerous shifts in art movements and manifestos.

Abstract art played a pivotal role in shaping modern art and nurtured visions of a new society in the twentieth century. Wassily Kandinsky, hailed as the father of abstract art, employed an improvisational technique to depict "art of another kind." Even today, Pablo Picasso's abstract portraits of faces and figures remain relevant. The 1940s and 1950s were a period of highly geometric and expressive artworks.

Image source: Asleep, Pablo Picasso, 1932.

Abstract art can be incredibly puzzling because it doesn't overtly declare its intention. Instead, it necessitates an open and curious mind, encouraging the viewer to enter the artwork and explore where it leads. Abstract art allows the viewer to engage intimately with the piece and formulate their own interpretation, resulting in a richer and more personal experience of the artwork.

Artwork by Shanu Jaiswal

Comprehending abstract art does not come naturally to everyone, and it is often associated with moral values such as order, purity, simplicity, and spirituality. Abstract art is open to interpretation and does not aim to provide a faithful representation of visual reality.

Abstract artists possess a profound comprehension of color theory, which they utilise to craft a visual encounter that is unrestrained by the constraints of physical objects. Their creativity is showcased through a myriad of abstract art forms. These artistic expressions all share the fundamental belief that reality is subjective and not tangible, leaving it to the discretion of the viewer to assign meaning and significance.

Natali Bouchaaya’s stellar abstraction

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Feature Image: Sonu Sultania